Our Vision

To alleviate poverty and prevent slavery in the developing world through sustainable business training and opportunity.

Our Mission

Yobel International facilitates business training, mentorship, and development globally, empowering others to create change in their own lives, releasing them from unjust labor and poverty while engaging and educating our local community in justice issues.


  1. Conduct basic business training for individuals within developing communities who demonstrate a desire for empowerment through entrepreneurship

  2. Equip artisan groups with the design and quality control standards necessary to bring quality fairly traded goods to market

  3. Educate U.S. consumers about the power of purchasing ethically in order to combat and prevent exploitation of laborers

  4. Lead Exposure Trips that give individuals a hands-on opportunity to reduce global poverty and human trafficking via first-hand engagement overseas as facilitators of our business training course

  5. Empower indigenous international leaders along with similarly minded nonprofits and NGOs to utilize our training program on behalf of their mission


Lets face it, this world is run by business.  We are a culture of consumers, driven by the next best thing, defined by the 'haves' and the 'have nots' and capitalism makes it all happen.  For-profit businesses don’t always have a place amidst the realm of typical development work, but Yobel has seen business training and implementation bring sustainable change in impoverished communities around the world. Thus, two well-meaning idealists traded in their table-waiting days and became social entrepreneurs in order to teach others the entrepreneurial skills they had to learn themselves. As a result, businesses in refugee communities have begun to double subsistence farmer’s annual income.  Businesses in Red Light areas are providing a way out of prostitution for the first women in generations.  Businesses in a border town provide hope and confidence in the midst of violence. But at the end of the day, our business isn’t about business at all - it’s about people.  About offering hope, opportunity, freedom, dignity and love to the oppressed of the world through teaching and trade.