2016 Year End Report

2016 was a year to celebrate incredible growth across each of our entrepreneurial empowerment programs around the world. Many, many lives have been impacted as a result of your partnership this year and we could not be more grateful!

2017 Goals:
• Collaboratively train 500 entrepreneurs in the developing world.
• Equip 50 organizations with the ability to use business training within their existing international programs.
• Pilot Advanced Training curriculum with past Yobel graduates to encourage business expansion.
• Pilot Basic Business training within U.S. refugee populations to inform research on development of a local business training curriculum.

“I have never taken the risk to open my business because I believed I would fail but now I am positive that I can do it.”
— -Blanca, Guatemalan Graduate, Future Market Salesperson

Thank you for your generosity toward ending poverty and preventing slavery around the globe! We are so excited about the growth that occurred in 2016. More and more men and women are being empowered to know their worth and value as they begin businesses that allow them to permanently exit poverty without a handout. These entrepreneurs can now heat their homes in winter, send their children to school, gain status in their communities, purchase clean drinking water, and afford medical care for the very first time.

Thanks to our many partners, entrepreneurship continued to expand throughout the developing world. Your contribution impacted 295 graduates who are planning 138 new businesses that will employ 545 members of their local communities. These empowered individuals shared their newfound knowledge with 6,551 fellow community members living in 9 nations, multiplying this impact 22 times! Best yet, 90 facilitators have been equipped to take business knowledge beyond Yobel’s current reach, spreading it throughout nations like Uganda, Ethiopia, and Mexico!

In 2017, we look forward to piloting our Advanced Training Program with past Yobel graduates to propel existing business owners further in their enterprises. We will also pilot a training course with refugees resettled in the U.S. to further our quest to develop a locally relevant program. We hope you will continue to partner with us to provide transformational opportunities for those who need it most. We look forward to seeing you on an upcoming Exposure Trip or local Awareness Event!

Charity doesn’t end poverty. Business can. 

Yobel International's
Informed Theory of Change

Begin New Businesses
55% of Yobel Graduates Begin a New Business in 1 year

From hair salons to movie theaters, our entrepreneurs immediately apply their knowledge to begin new local enterprises.

144% Increased Employment
Yobel Graduates Create Jobs in their local community

Those who do not begin their own business, are readied for employment with their new skills in marketing, accounting, and customer care. Our business owners create new jobs for these individuals, employing at a 144% increase from pre-training.

Economic Empowerment
Yobel Graduates Increase Income by 40% within 1 Year

Economically empowered individuals are able to leave poverty via increased jobs and earning potential. As business increases in an area, so does social services and education, leading to a stronger formal sector and eventually better government.