A Word on Blood Brother.

Blood Brother was released at the Sundance Film Festival in 2013. 7f1dcc498006664c2f2edf83e7741c35

Blood Brother was the first film I saw that week at Sundance, and the bar it set was high. I had been prepared for a film that I was told I would 'connect with.' The little I read about the film beforehand informed me that I would resonate with the story of Rocky Braat in one way or another. What I saw, heard, and felt was BEYOND all expectations. I sat through the film crying, laughing, breaking, and hoping all at the same time. I kept nodding along at each hard moment, each tear, and each smile.

Two months before the festival I traveled to India myself-- a place that I had never, ever, ever had a desire to visit. I went with low expectations and fear of discomfort. It was definitely not comfortable, but it was also beyond hopeful. It's such an interesting contrast of despair and beauty. This contrast is something that Steve Hoover, the filmmaker, is able to capture perfectly. The film echoes the roller coaster of emotions I felt the entire two weeks I was on Indian soil. The film put words to the experiences that touched me and spoke volumes to the emotions I couldn't place. For anyone who has been there, they will have a similar experience I would guess. And, to those that have never been, it will lead you to better understand your peers that have.

Blood Brother is an exceptional film. It showcases a white, American, male, young adult that is attempting to discover authentic life and make meaning out of the monotony that can be life. Isn't that what we all want? At some level, I believe we all want to know that our actions matter, that we are creating good, and that our existence is not a waste.

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