Kenya July 2016 Trip Report

In July 2016, Yobel International had the privilege of partnering with Transformational Ventures, Just One Africa, and Mercy House Global to conduct a business training in Nairobi, Kenya. After a full week of experiential learning through small group discussions, skits, role playing, games, and application activities, we celebrated together as 36 graduates received certificates that signified their successful completion of this 30+ hour foundational business course.These graduates now have the tools needed to establish and sustain successful small businesses to meet local needs. These certificates also increase their employability should they choose to seek a job. Fifteen of these graduates, representing nine different organizations, completed our Train the Trainers program in addition to the Entrepreneurial Training Course. These leaders currently serve in a variety of compassion-based organizations and ministries throughout Kenya and Ethiopia, including pregnancy homes for teenage mothers, women’s empowerment organizations that challenge child marriage and FGM (like Naomi pictured below), land conservation and eco-tourism, water purification, education, and more. These inspiring and talented men and women have incredible vision for their nation and people. They sacrificed much to spend a week with us to be equipped with this business training tool.  Now, they are committed to bringing this knowledge back to those who have been entrusted to their care, each with a hope and vision to challenge cycles of poverty and systems of inequality.

Before, I did business how I knew, but with no plan. Now I have learned about planning and how that will help my business grow. I would participate in an advanced training because where you have projected me today I will rise to. When you come back for the next training I will be in a new place and be ready for more training.
— Elizabeth Seney, 49 year old, widowed caretaker of 8 children, future owner of expanded cow business & bee farm

Aregahegan & Nati

Two incredible future facilitators were Aregahegan and Nati, who travelled all the way from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. These two amazing men work for an organization called Caring for Korah, serving families who formerly made their living off of garbage they could collect and resell from the city dump. They came to this training because recently, the government decided to move the dump outside of the capital, displacing thousands of those whose meager livelihoods were built upon scavenging the waste of others. Nati and Aregahegan came to Yobel's business training to learn to empower those in their community to dream bigger and gain the skills necessary to begin small businesses within their neighborhood. These skills will provide an income that can sustain them in the absence of their former jobs - skills which are represented in the graph below. Over 40% of our attendees said they learned for the first time during this Kenya training!

New Concepts Learned in Training


Onesmus, pictured above with his new friend John, is a young, determined future entrepreneur. Each training day he traveled from his home in a nearby slum wearing freshly pressed shirt and trousers, eager to absorb every idea offered by his fellow facilitators. Onesmus has a very firm plan in mind for his future. His dream is to help his friend's businesses become more successful by becoming an auditor. After completing the training, he told us, “[My future business will] teach people how to earn more and [spend] less and avoid impulse buying.” During the business basics session, Onesmus wrote a very clear mission statement and several SMART objectives. With the graduation certificate he received from Yobel, he plans to get a job in a nearby firm to increase his current earnings of $12 per month. His goal is to save $60 every month for 5 years in order to begin his own auditing firm in 2021. Onesmus is among the 53% of attendees who did not own a business prior to this training, but through the training developed solid plans to begin an enterprise in the near future.

[My future business will] teach people how to earn more and [spend] less and avoid impulse buying.
— Onesmus, future owner of a financial management company

Below are the areas of business our recent graduates plan to pursue. We look forward to interviewing them in the next year to see how they have progressed as well as how they are growing and overcoming challenges and obstacles along the way!

Future Businesses

We are so thankful to everyone who participated in enabling these amazing men and women to engage in such a life changing week together! If you would like to be involved in a future training trip we would love to have you. Please consider joining an upcoming exposure trip, praying for our team of facilitators and entrepreneurs, or making a way for additional men and women to be trained by sponsoring an attendee for $300.