Let's Think Differently About Charity.

Why do you give to the non-profit you do? Why have you chosen to care about the issue you donate toward each year? When you give, what expectations do you have for that organization? Do you expect immediate action with your donation? Do you expect to see dramatic change in the coming months? Do you hope your donation will grow that organization to do more good, change more lives, and solve problems? Do you give because you love? The non-profit sector is the "market for love" and we need to recognize this. Dan Pallotta spoke at Ted just over a year ago to tell people about the problem with giving in the U.S.

And let me tell you, he is spot on. After working with a small non-profit for the past years, I have seen how a simple 1% increase in annual giving from our community could change everything for our organization and the people that we serve. 1% in additional giving could change more lives, more quickly, with better results. That 1% would go toward overhead. That 1% may seem like it's not contributing to any good. But, that 1% is what makes a difference between doing the hard work "whenever funding comes in" and doing it when it needs to be done.

Watch this TedTalk and let us know what you think!!

The Way We Think About Charity is DEAD Wrong.