Why Entrepreneurial Development?

Mother Teresa said it very simply, “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”

When I traveled to India with Yobel a couple years ago, we visited a non-profit called Love Calcutta Arts (LCA). This organization provides work for women in the sex industry by coming alongside them and giving them alternative work. More than just providing a job they offer an opportunity for dignifying work with a sustainable livelihood. LCA gives the women the means to provide for their families outside of prostitution. They develop entrepreneurs that bring longevity and sustainability to the community around them and even to the world in the long run. The women continue to live in their communities so they can build into them. The ripple effect was and is huge, all because of a few stones being cast onto the waters.

If we look into the hearts and minds of people in today’s world, we will see the need for growth and understanding to build truth into the lives of those around us. Speaking into people about who they are called and created to be brings out the best in them. Developing them as entrepreneurs, encourages unique and gifted individuals who have worthwhile desires and goals. Speaking into who they are builds up the individual to see the greater good and need of others around them.

Developing people as entrepreneurs not only transforms individuals, but also their communities. Seeing and looking at the greater good is the means of building up people and community. Entrepreneurship recognizes a need, fulfills that necessity, creates jobs, builds income and even causes people outside of a community to join in. This reaches where there was a chasm of need. Developing entrepreneurs provides answers to large-scale needs while developing individuals within a community.

Individual and community transformation is at the heart of entrepreneurial development. It’s not just about creating jobs or money for people, but also providing the sustainable means to do so for longevity of the greater good. Developing people as entrepreneurs creates ripples within individuals and communities. By each person doing their part to change things we are all creating ripples within the world and the communities we live in. It brings humanity into full view. Entrepreneurial development is not just a means for increasing personal gain, but develops someone that has needs and a family. It provides the trainers with an opportunity to empower someone who is just like them, someone who bleeds red. Personally that is the greatest effect. Entrepreneurial training looks into people and sees them for who they are-- equal.

written by Aaron Jalovec