Why I'm a Part of the Big Picture Club- A Story.

maddie1 Meet Maddie Wachtler. Not only is she a wonderful woman, our volunteer coordinator, and dear friend, she is also a phenomenal writer, here to share with you why she joined Yobel's Big Picture Club. Yobel is fun. The people that make Yobel happen are some of the most energetic, positive, and just plain awesome people you could hope to meet. They're crazy--in a good way. They believe in big ideas and creative solutions. Their products pop with color. And no two Yobel events are the same. A quick sample would include Bike-In Movies, Mimosa Clothing Swaps, and Catan Tournaments. As for volunteering with them? Well, that's even brought me to a front row seat at a real-life Scottish Highlands caber toss.

Yobel is authentic. The products are personal. The stories are firsthand. The passion is contagious. Pick up a scarf or a basket here--and chances are, Yobel staff know the person who made it. More often than not, they've actually traveled to the country and participated in the project. For instance, Yobel's one-of-a-kind sari journals are a favorite of mine. I was hooked when I heard how last year, they visited Calcutta and met the women who made them. In fact, while they were there, they expanded the workshop and painted the walls.


But most importantly, Yobel is truly world-changing. Yobel's approach is effective and responsible. It allows people to directly involve themselves in a new way of life. It doesn't patronize--it empowers and dignifies. It brings lasting, generational change. Like entire communities breaking the cycle of poverty. Rejecting decades of unjust labor , trafficking, and abuse. Building their own school and hiring teachers so their kids have access to an education. It's things like this that make our world a better place. And that's why I support Yobel.