What is the Business Training?  

Yobel has created the interactive, discussion-based Entrepreneurial Training Curriculum to be used in developing communities for the purpose of empowering those communities to step out of poverty by learning to implement ethical and effective business skills.

The course enables entrepreneurs to:

  • Identify their own personal worth and value as one created with the capacity to utilize innate gifts and talents for the purpose of meeting family and community needs
  • Attain basic business management skills necessary to begin or expand existing enterprises sustainably
  • Understand the importance of ethical business practices, stewardship, money management, and generosity

The course results in: 

  • Entrepreneurs realizing their freedom and ability to dream of a better future for themselves
  •  An increase in profits of existing businesses by a minimum of 30% within 1 year
  • 30% of those without existing businesses beginning first-time initiatives
  • 75% receiving necessary skills to begin a first time personal savings plan
  • 69% creating personal and business budgets
  • Sharing of their newfound knowledge with 6 family members and friends on average
  • Understanding the importance of ethical business, perhaps for the first time
  • The development and retention of customer base through excellent customer service & ef fective marketing

Licensure & Training Information 

Interested in using Yobel's business training in your context? Yobel International's Entrepreneurial Training Curriculum is available for licensure to like-hearted organizations committed to sustainable development via education and empowerment. Those seeking licensure must first apply for an attend a Yobel International training program, Train the Trainers.

This is a very good opportunity for them, to see the same thing in a different way...Poverty is a state of mind...What you can do is try to change the mindset of the people.
— Lepcha, 30, translator in India

Entrepreneurial Training Curriculum Sample