One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.
— Henry Miller

Yobel Exposure Trips are immersion style short-term trips that require a passion for adventure and a willingness to be uncomfortable. Yes, you will receive a stamp in your passport but more so, an experience to be in relationship with another culture and, for a moment, see the world from another perspective as we laugh, cry, work, learn, and engage with one another.

We’ve given these trips an appropriate title, for the greatest purpose is, in fact, to expose you. To the beauty of foreign lands. To the harsh realities of injustice and those who live with it every day. To the hope that is brought when one human being lays down their life in order to love another. To the power of having the eyes of your heart enlightened so that you may see and understand.

Much of what Yobel does is through business empowerment and teaching entrepreneurial principles in order to improve or promote small business in developing communities thereby offering freedom from poverty and unjust labor. So we invite you to Come and See. Come and Experience. Come and Be Changed so that in turn you too can Change the World.


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I saw, more clearly than ever before, just how much I had, and how blessed I had been. I also saw how so much of what I had had at my feet for so many years had gone unnoticed, untapped because I didn’t believe it was possible that I already had all the tools I needed. I’d had endless resources at my disposal, and more schooling than most of our attendees, and had done nothing with it. This realization... ultimately empowered me to change my life. The entrepreneurs weren’t the only students that week of training!
— Anna Perez

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Photo Credits: Thailand, Uganda, DRC, Mexico, Costa Rica - Mattea Norman. Pakistan - Ashton McNab, Sarah Ray. India - Matthew Schniper, Anthony Adams.  Uganda/Rwanda - Beverly Harris