What's a Go Team? 

Poverty is an enormous problem. So big, when looking for a solution, we can often feel debilitated. But the truth is, we can make a tangible difference. We can do something, if we do it together!

A Go Team is a group or an individual that wants to be a part of bringing dignity, opportunity, and genuine hope to entrepreneurs around the globe! Yobel is asking you to use whatever passions, skills, and hobbies, you have as a platform to raise funds and awareness about the reality—charity doesn't end poverty, but business can. Take initiative and be creative! 


What should I do?

Get Moving

  • Hike a mountain 
  • Run a race
  • Dance for an entire day and do it to raise awareness

Host an Event

  • Organize a wine and cheese party
  • Put together an outdoor concert
  • Put on a flag football fundraiser 

Give Gifts

  • For your birthday or special holiday, instead of asking for presents ask for donations to empower entrepreneurs 

Be Creative

  • Board games tournament 
  • Grow a beard 
  • Bake cupcakes 
  • Offer high fives and hugs

I'm in! What now?

So now you are in and ready to get started! The first step is to email us directly at info@yobelinternational.org. We'll walk you through the next steps you'll want to take in joining the team! 


go team ideas 

Swap for a Change

A closet swap with a nominal entry free, where proceeds go to Yobel. Swap clothes with your girl friends, have a good time, and help end poverty doing it!

Promotional materials, instructions, and advice are available if you are interested in hosting your own swap!

Jen Jones runs 100 miles

This is a great example of someone doing what they love, and doing for Yobel! Jen LOVES to run. So, why not take it to the next level and run a crazy 100 mile race in the mountains? She wanted to do it anyway, and she loves Yobel and what we do, so she chose to combine the 2 and raise money and awareness for Yobel's mission while training.  




Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions, we want your help and we want you to succeed!