What's a Go Team? 

A Go Team is a fundraising campaign led by you!

It is a group or individual passionate about the mission of providing training and opportunity to entrepreneurs in the developing world. Each person’s unique interests and skills can be used to come alongside and support entrepreneurs as they learn how to better care for themselves and their businesses! The goal is for each Go Team to raise $1000 by July 31st! 

Here's how to get started! 

  • Step One: Think of an idea. What are you passionate about? What’s an activity you can do with your friends? (See below for several fun ideas!)
  • Step Two: Email us at info@yobelinternational.org and let know what you decide. We’ll provide you with the materials and support you need to run a successful campaign! 
  • Step Three: Have fun, take pictures, and update us on your success! 


Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions. We are on your team and here to help!


Is there a service you can provide, a product you can make, an event you can host, or an activity you can complete? Below are a few examples to consider in getting started! 


Get Sponsored to Get Moving

  • Do a 14er a week for the month of July
  • Run a race or a certain distance (i.e. 100 miles)
  • Dance for an entire day without stopping

Host an Event

  • Organize a wine and cheese party.
  • Put together an outdoor concert or open mic night.
  • Put on a flag football fundraiser.
  • Host a clothes swap.

Do Something You Love

  • Do you love games? Host a Video or Board game tournament.
  • Are you an amazing cook? Teach a cooking class.
  • Love Dogs? Invite your all of your fellow dog lovers with treats and toys for your four-legged friends.  
  • Do you love to paint? Teach a wine and painting class.

Use Your Skills & Training

  • Offer people free financial/tax advice for one afternoon. Ask people to donate to Yobel instead.
  • Can you provide a health service like a chiropractor or a massage therapist? Give people free or discounted treatments in exchange for donations!
  • Are you a master of all things technology? Offer tech support or repair services.