We need your help!


Business is Booming!  Entrepreneurs across the globe are gaining dignified employment and we love celebrating their success!  Yobel is experiencing tremendous growth this year and has more opportunities than ever to partner with organizations seeking a long-term solution to poverty. Because we've chosen to keep prices low for our partners, we simply cannot keep up with the demand.

We recently trained in Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua where were prepared for 30 entrepreneurs and 79 showed up. In a town with over 80% unemployment, people were desperate to learn! 

Additionally, last month we launched our very first pilot training for resettled refugees and have been absolutely blown away! The response has been tremendous and we look forward to visiting 2 new restaurants, a spice shop, and childcare center that are soon to open in Denver as a result of our training program.

This summer we plan to train in Colorado Springs, Haiti, and Tanzania. But, WE NEED YOUR HELP to keep our programs going. Your contribution is a direct investment toward long term sustainability for communities all around the globe! 

Make a donation toward:

  • Materials for our 3 summer trainings ($3,500)
  • Resettled refugee training in Denver ($2,500)
  • Resettled refugee training in Colorado Springs ($2,500)
  • Train the Trainers in Haiti to equip 5+ organizations ($7,500)