Yobel International partners with Shining Light International to equip 43 Pakistani women to improve their dignity and status by learning their worth and value as well as practical business, budgeting and savings skills. Yobel also assists in offering a quality control and design course to help establish greater access to both local and export markets for Lifestitch Manufacturing. 75% of adults surveyed increased their income by an average of 73%. Read our blog here or check out their scarves at Yobel Market.

After this training there is a big revolution in my life and I have started my own business [sewing center]. I have learnt many things like color schemes and designing. I was really very encouraged after attending this training and I have applied these new ideas to my business. Through this training I came to know how to utilize my abilities and also am now fulfilling my needs by my own.
— Masooma Aasir, 20


Working within remote tea villages in the foothills of the Himalayas, Yobel International offers business training to impoverished tea plucking families that are at higher risk for unsafe migration and human trafficking into larger Indian cities. In 2013 our team trained 16 men and women who learned to dream for the first time, found new hope for their lives, and began planning to establish new businesses, such as pharmacies and pig cooperatives. Read the CS Indy article by Matthew Schniper that featured our work in India, our personal blog post, and check out the sari journals and sari blankets in Yobel Market.

Without the training last year, I don’t think I would have made this [restaurant], it was really eye-opening and enriching, since we had no experience in doing business, and even the theory part was away from us.
— Albert Rai, 33

Canaan farm, Uganda

Yobel has been working in Uganda since it’s commencement in 2008, primarily with a group of displaced peoples affected by Civil War in the northern part of the country resettling at Canaan Farm with Families Empowerment Northern Uganda. In 2015, Yobel was invited to expand into the local town of Kigumba to conduct a training. After training over 200 individuals within the region, we’ve witnessed 37% of them go on to begin small successful businesses. Yobel has also partnered with a local sewing cooperative to produce products for Yobel Market. See our blog post and check out the aprons and earrings in Yobel Market.

My family will be happy because my life will be completely different than it was before.
— Bithum Samwel Okello, Father of 3

Soroti, Uganda

In 2014, Yobel partnered with Beauty for Ashes Uganda and offered a training to 80 women, village leaders, and single mothers in Soroti, Uganda. These women support their households on an average of $23 USD per month. Because of our training 96% left with a new business idea that will benefit their family and community and plan to hire 72 employees. Six months later, 95% of entrepreneurs had increased their personal income because of training by an average of $11.57 each month.

I, as a girl, can come up with an idea and do it successfully. I really can change my society.
— Promise, 22, survivor of human trafficking


Kyakitanga, Uganda

In March 2015, HEED Uganda invited Yobel to offer an Entrepreneurial Training to the people of Myaliiro & Kyakitanga. At the beginning of the training, the entrepreneurs communicated frequently about their inability to profit from business or transform their situations. There was a overall sentiment that they could not attempt new ventures or grow their individual skills. Six months after training there was a 73.33% increase in entrepreneurs keeping a budget and a 33.33% increase in entrepreneurs saving money for their families or businesses!

My business has expanded. My 2 orphans have got education and clothings.
— Kigozie Marjorie


Yobel was given the gift of partnering with both PEAR Rwanda and Prison Fellowship Rwanda this year to offer business training in two communities. The first is a reconciliation village, intentionally created to bring restoration between former victims and perpetrators of genocide. Here we trained 37 men and women. Of those individuals, 67% learned savings and budgeting for the first time and 40% desire to pass on the lessons they learned about loving their neighbor as themselves. Next we equipped Rwandan leaders to be facilitators of the training themselves and witnessed them offering the course within the Byumba diocese in partnership with the Anglican Church, training 30 individuals and demonstrating the effectiveness of nationals training their own. Check out our blog post

I was not used to saving money but now I will start saving money. Without savings, development will not happen.
— Sphora Nyirantibangana, 55

Democratic Republic of Congo

In 2015, Yobel was invited to do a training with Totonga Bomoi, a ministry based in the border town of Aru in the Democratic Republic of Congo working to build cooperatives. This intimate training of 9 women provided for meaningful small-group discussions and intentional conversations about the future growth of their sewing cooperative. The training solidified the value and importance of working together as a cooperative and a community instead of trying to fend for oneself. These 9 women desire to share their newfound knowledge with 216 other members of their community!

I was interested in planning budgets because, since I’ve started sewing, I have money coming in and going out and I don’t know where it is going.
— Julienne Buve Bambu, 23
“[The training] has played a very pivotal role in the direction of our business. I feel more confident in the cooperative’s ability to achieve self-sufficiency.”
— Katie Hile, Founder of Totonga Bomoi


Yobel has licensed the curriculum to Caroline's Promise for a training in 2016. Caroline’s Promise connects North American Christian communities with churches in developing nations in an effort to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of orphans and vulnerable children. We look forward to hearing what the entrepreneurs take from the course!